Accommodation rules

  1. Each accommodated person is obliged to check in at the hotel reception and identify himself/herself in a credible way introducing at least his/her surname, first name, full home address, date of birth and number of an identity card or passport. A client who is in need of an entry visa for entering the Czech Republic has to prove the validity of the visa. In the absence of necessary personal documents, which is bound by the applicable regulations, may the hotel rouse guest accomodation with no impal on the validity of a reservation contract and cancellation fees.
  2. An accommodated guest is obliged to pay the price of the stay and provided services in compliance with the price list valid in the date of the guest‘s arrival. The clients coming via a travel agency have to submit a valid document of having paid their stay (a voucher) issued by the travel agency.
  3. Persons with contagious diseases or with a suspicion of such an ilness cannot be accommodated in the hotel, as well as persons under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.
  4. Accommodated guests are obliged to adhere to general legal rules and to act in accordance with good manners.
  5. Should no advance extension of in-room times be agreed, the accommodation is provided from 2 p.m. on the arrival day to 11 a.m. on the leaving day.
  6. The services of the reception department are available continuously all day and night at telephone number 111.
  7. Entering and leaving the building of the hotel is possible all day and night for the guests.
  8. It is necessary to keep the peace at night in the hotel and its surroundings between 10.00 p.m. and 6.00 a.m.
  9. Making fire and handling with an open fire is forbidden in all areas of the hotel. Each guest is obliged to follow all safety regulations and fire-stopping instructions.
  10. For safety reasons it is not allowed to leave the children under 12 without supervision of an adult person either in the room or in other areas of the hotel. The parents are responsible for the safety of their children inside the hotel as well as in its surroundings.
  11. Dogs are permitted only in the owner’s room and in the corridors. The presence of dogs in the hotel has to be approved by the reception or reservation department in advance.
  12. In the room, it is not permitted that guests should use their own electrical appliances (for example electric kettles etc.).Only electric shavers, curling irons and battery chargers for cameras, mobile phone etc are allowed to be used in the room; the guest is liable for using them as well as for any damages caused by such appliances.
  13. Smoking is strictly forbidden in all rooms and other areas of the hotel. The violation of the ban of smoking in the room may be charged 100,-Euro because of necessity of special cleaning.
  14. All valuables (jewels, watches, money,etc.) have to be deposited into the in-room safe. We reccomend you to deposit the larger amounts of cash or expensive jewels into the safe at the reception for more safety.
  15. The hotel is not liable for any loss of valuables not deposited in one of these safes. To all cases of loss, the assistance of the police will be called in.
  16. The guests are fully liable for any damages they might cause to the hotel property.
  17. Each guest is obliged to follow these accommodation rules. In case of serious violation of the rules by the guest, the owner of the hotel has the authority to cancel the contractual relation with the guest without any compensation for him/her.
  18. Any guest complaints or suggestions as to the potential improvement of the services or activities will be received by the reception department or hotel management at any time.